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posted 29 May 2017, 03:25 by W Plain
Title: Riverkeep
Author: Martin Stewart
Plot: Wull and his father are the current riverkeeps. This is a job that involves searching the river for corpses and other nasty things. One day Wull and his father are out on the boat and his father gets pulled under and taken into the depths of the river. Panicking, Wull heads back to his small house where he spends the night before his father comes back to meet him. With one difference his father has been possessed and that the only cure is within the sea beast known as the mormorach.
What Did You Like About The Book: The book was well written and used clever wording and statements. The author also went into incredible detail about the characters and the scenes.
What Did You Not Like About The Book: The author put in a lot of detail but I believe that that half of it was unnecessary. I believe that the author could have missed out a lot of the detail therefore helping the book flow.
Would You Recommend This Book To Others: This book was not to my taste but that does not mean that it was a bad book. It was well written and was an interesting story. I would say to anyone who was reading this book to keep going for it takes a little while to get into the story but when you do you enjoy it. So yes I would recommend this book
Rating: 2/5