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Phoenix Rising

posted 27 Mar 2017, 01:00 by W Plain
Reviewer: Thomas
Title: Phoenix Rising
Author: Bryony Pearce
Plot: There are two ships full of pirates that hate each other, and both want solar panels for their ships-the phoenix and the banshee-but when the phoenix's captain and some crew are taken hostage in Tarifa, Ayla from the banshee agrees to help Toby and the remaining crew to get him back. This leads to Toby, Hiko, Ayla and a dock rat called D'von sneaking into Tarifa's Castle. They manage to get to the phoenix with the captain and most of the crew. Ayla betrays Toby but he is rescued by some crew members. The phoenix in the end reaches the solar panels first, but Toby is still upset at Ayla's betrayal.
Liked: It explained how the pirates would act differently due to the level of junk in the sea very well. It is full of action and I personally liked the fact that it is set in the future for if we were to throw all our rubbish in the sea. The book contained very detailed descriptions.
Disliked: It could have finished with the banshee finding the phoenix's dropped panels.
Recommend: Yes definitely, it is a very detailed, well written, action-packed adventure full of thrills.
Rating: 5/5