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posted 29 May 2017, 03:51 by W Plain
Title: Caged
Author: Theresa Breslin
Plot: Kai is a young man who was living on the streets. That is until Sparticus comes along and tells him that he has potential. Sparticus is the head of a young homeless peoples fighting ring. Kai is a good fighter although with the police trying to track down the young fighters they all have to keep a low profile. One day Kai must go above ground and out of the tunnels in which the cage fighters live. When he does, he finds bird girl, a keen photographer looking for her sister. But with potentially dangerous photos on her camera the question arises, will bird girl find her sister, and will the cage fighters get caught.
What Did You Like About The Book: I enjoyed this book because the use of language was excellent. The story flowed well and the use of small chapters made you go from one chapter to the next with ease.
Would You Recommend This Book To Others: I would definitely recommend this book to others. The plot had me hooked from the start and I enjoyed every chapter that I read
Rating: 4/5