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Library PressDisplay

posted 29 Jul 2010, 09:06 by Carla Taylor   [ updated 16 Mar 2016, 05:52 ]
Much like the ZINIO E-magazine the Library PressDisplay is another area to go, to find more E-magazines. Below is a link to the Library PressDisplay link:

The Library PressDisplay is a new service that has became available during August 2015. Hopefully you will find it helpful across all your subjects. At the bottom of the page you can find different areas on the website that could help you with some subjects in the curriculum.

Logging In

When you click on the link you will be taken to a page that is similar to the one below.


On the right there is a box asking for an email and password, below it is a box asking for a Borrower/ Library card no. this is the box that you go for. All you do is enter all the digits on your Young Scot Card. 

Now when you enter you card number you will get a massive page like this, that is filled with tons of things not to worry.

At the top in the Red box is the search box where you can search for a magazine that you are looking for.
Just below that in the Green box the revolving news bar. This is where different popular news stories from different magazines are displayed.
In the Yellow box is where you can look at different news stories from the past week. Just pick a day and see what the latest news is.
In the Light Blue box is all of that days main news stories from different news papers.
In the Dark Blue box is the websites main navigation area. Where you can look at more specific sections such as Sports, Business. If you are looking for something more specific like a magazine on computer games or on music then look further down at the A Countries Publicationssection.
In the Purple box is where you can select a country to look further in to what magazines/newspapers that country has available (however they will be in that countries language not necessarily English). eg UK - The Independent, Top Gear Magazine, The Guardian. France - Le Monde, La Tribune.
In the Orange box is where you can find popular publications and some of the top reporters in the world. 

Reading a Magazine

To read a magazine all you have to do is click on the magazine and it will open it up for you to read. When it is open there is a magnifying glass in the bottom footer that can help you zoom in or out to make reading the magazine easier. There will also be a contents page that you can use to navigate to the different sections of the magazine. 

A Countries Publications

On the main page you are able to look up different publications from different countries (Purple box). When you select a country you will get all the magazines and news papers that are accessible on the screen for you to choose from. On the left of this will be a list of links to all the magazines and newspapers available sorted in alphabetical order. If you know what sort of magazine you are looking for then it would be worth looking through this list to see if it matches what you are looking for. 

Help for subjects

Communication Faculty
French - On this website you can access French newspapers for class if you need a story or if you want to practice some vocabulary.
English - You can access different newspapers to read that might help you with your vocabulary and with some Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation skills such as summarising articles or selecting the main points of an article.

Social Subjects Faculty
Modern Studies - You can access different newspapers in the one place to find news stories for class.
RMPS - There is a magazine called "The Week" that discusses social issues that might be of interest to RMPS students.
History - For history students you have access to Horrible Histories and also you can access the BBC History Magazine.

Numeracy and Technology Faculty
Games Development - The Games Master magazine may be off interest to students also the magazine called EDGE might be something that students want to have a look at. 
Computing - The magazine MaximumPC may be off interest to students that are studying computing. 

Expressive Arts Faculty
Photography - There are two magazines Digital SLR Photography and Digital Camera World that may be of interest to students taking photography.
Music - The magazine Guitar Techniques may be off interest to students that are studying music. 

Health And Wellbeing Faculty
Home Economics - For all those with a keen urge to cook a magazine that may of interest to you may be the magazine called Easy Cook.

Sciences Faculty
Physics - For students that are studying stellar physics or those who like astronomy and the night sky. A magazine that would be of interest would be the magazine called Sky at Night Magazine. 

Of course there are many more magazines that students that may be helpful. If you find one that I haven't mentioned above that would be helpful to others add it to the comments section and it will be added as soon as it can and if it is appropriate and helpful to that subject.

If you have any questions about the Library Press Display then please fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.