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posted 15 Jun 2010, 05:07 by Carla Taylor   [ updated 1 Feb 2017, 01:32 by W Plain ]
We've all read a good book at some point or another and we've all read a book that's just not been our cup of tea. Share your opinion on a book. You never know, you might have the same opinion as some one else or one that is completely different but still SHARE!!!

Tell us what book you read, the author, why you dis/liked this book, what made it good/bad and if you would read it again. Thanks

Book Review

Here are some example book reviews for you to look at and help you with your book review.


Title Of Book - The Piper

Author - Danny Weston

What Was The Plot Of The Book - The piper is a book about a kind young lady who loves to visit her grandpa, but one day when she suddenly announces she's going on a school trip her grandpa goes back and tells her how his experience was not a pleasant one.

Why Did You Not Like The Book - The book was not to my liking because it took a little while to get into and was not a very good page turner.

Would You Recommend This Book To Others - I did not like this book but would recommend it to others who are into horror.

Rating - 1/5