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About Knox Academy Library Website

The Knox Academy Library Website was created to provide the students of Knox Academy with an area that they will find conductive for learning. 

It will also allow the pupils to use their information skills to be wise independent learners so that they can reach their full potential in a positive atmosphere. 

This website in an area that engages students; promotes respect and a positive attitude towards the other users of the website. 

Below are the Library Opening Hours and a link to the weekly Library Bulliten are:
Monday8 am – 1.05 pm1.35 pm – 4.30 pm
Tuesday8 am – 1.05 pm1.35 pm – 4 pm
Wednesday8 am – 1.05 pm1.35 pm – 4 pm
Thursday8 am – 1.05 pm1.35 pm – 4.30 pm
Friday8 am – 12.00 pm 

The weekly Library Bulletin can be accessed here.