"Silver King"


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"Silver King Peak"

Date: 9/22/2007
Distance: 10 miles 
Elevation Gain: 4032' 

"Silver King Peak"

After reading Colorado's High Thirteeners and Ryan Kowalski's "Silver King Peak" page, I was convinced the 24 mile trek up Pine Creek was required. Then I busted out the map and couldn't miss noticing a shorter route originating from the Pear Lake Trailhead. The Pear Lake Trailhead is also used for climbs of Emerald and Iowa Peaks.

Devin Rourke and I left Boulder at 4:40 am and drove to the Pear Lake Trailhead, making one stop in Leadville. We started hiking up the Pear Lake Trail at 7:30 am. We followed the trail to the saddle south of Emerald Peak and discussed our route. We decided to gain the Emerald Peak-"Silver King Peak" saddle and follow the ridge to the summit. We dropped down into the large basin above Pear Lake and traversed it, finally gaining the saddle. There were good views of Emerald Peak from here.
Emerald Peak
Emerald Peak from Silver King Peak's Northwest Ridge

We continued up the ridge finding dangerously loose and large rocks. Avoiding the loose rocks on the west side of the ridge took us onto time-consuming 5.easy terrain. We abandoned the ridge and descended towards Silver King Lake. Just above Silver King Lake, we found a trail climbing Silver King Peak's northeast ridge. We followed the trail to the "Silver King Peak"-13352 saddle and followed the ridge to the summit. There were oppurtunities for easy 3rd class, but is mostly class 2. We reached the top at 11:13 am. The views and weather were good, so we rested a while on the summit.
 Silver King Peak
Looking north from "Silver King Peak"
Gerry and Jennifer Roach left a summit register and nicknamed it "Magdalena Peak" due to its proximity to Magdalene Mine. I feel "Silver King Peak" is most appropriate because most people approach via Silver King Lake. I do enjoy feminine names for peaks, but the mine is named Magdelene, not Magdalena. We could see the long approach up Pine Creek that most people use to climb "Silver King Peak". We could also see all of the Collegiate Peaks. We descended our ascent route and reached the trailhead at 2:30 pm.
Mount Harvard
Mount Harvard from "Silver King Peak"