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County Highpoint
El Diente
 "West Wilson" Unranked14100 
 "Pin Point" Unranked13980  
Mount Wilson
Distance: 16.1 miles
Elevation Gain: 5818'
Participants: Brian Kalet & Patty Johnson
Date: 8/19/2006
El Diente
Patty and I camped at the Navajo Lake Trailhead Friday night. We ate leftover pizza for breakfast and started hiking at 3:05 am, 15 minutes after our desired start time. Shortly thereafter, Patty began feeling ill resulting in a decreased pace. Finally, above Navajo Lake, we decided to part ways since Patty's pace was not improving. I continued up El Diente's long West Ridge and arrived at the summit at 9:41 am.
Wilson Peak from El Diente
Mount Wilson
I continued to Mount Wilson via the connecting ridge, including ascents of "West Wilson" and "Pin Point".  At first, there were superfluous cairns. However, about halfway through the traverse, I found very few. Overall, the traverse was enjoyable; more enjoyable than the Crestone Traverse because the route stays truer to the ridge. I got to the summit of Mount Wilson at 11:27 am, resulting in a traverse time of 1 hour and 46 minutes.
Wilson Peak & Gladstone Peak from Mount Wilson
I passed a large group descending Mount Wilson while I was ascending and descending. They had huge packs, were wearing helmets, long pants, jackets and gloves and were belaying each other down. It was amusing to see the large contrast in climbing styles as I buzzed by them wearing a T-shirt, shorts and baseball cap. It was nice to see El Diente from the Navajo Lake Trail on the descent since I was unable to see it on the ascent in the dark.
El Diente from Navajo Lake Trail