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Round Top


Access from Reno, NV:
US 395 South
US 50 West
CA 89 South
CA 88 West to Carson Pass (Snopark permit required)
Drive Time: 1:30

Round Top:
I skinned up the to base of the Crescent Moon Couloir of Round Top. I tossed the skis on my pack and started booting up the couloir. Instantly my hands got exceedingly cold because they were now above my head and on the metal shafts of my poles instead of the plastic handles. I left my glove liners in the car, so had no option but to stop every few steps to warm my hands. I took the east fork of the couloir and finally topped out above a narrow (~7’), steep (50+ degree) section. I dropped my gear and scrambled up easy third class rock to the summit. I returned to my gear, clicked in and dropped into the couloir making careful turns. After the initial choke, there was a wide, steep section before a sustained tight (~10’) section. Just before the tight section I saw a skier on the edge of the couloir photographing my descent. I stopped near him to give him my contact info then skied on. The snow was wind-affected powder in the couloir and down lower.
Elevation: ~1801’
Distance: 5.5 miles
Time: 3 h

Red Lake Peak:
I skinned/hiked up the southwest ridge of Red Lake Peak, then dropped my gear just below the summit block and scrambled up the interesting third class rock & snow to the top. I descended back to my gear and skied down the northeast ridge, then a steep north-facing gully to back to CA 88. The snow was variable powder to suncrust.
Elevation: 2663’
Distance: 5.5 miles
Time: 2h
Total Elevation: ~4464’

Round Top = Round Top Summit, E = East fork of the Crescent Moon Couloir, W = West fork of the Crescent Moon Couloir.

Looking down from the top of the couloir. The couloir leads to the right.

Skiing the east fork of the Crescent Moon Couloir. Photo: Terry Erickson.

Round Top Map

Red Lake Peak Map