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Mount Richthofen


Access from Fort Collins, CO:
CO 14 West to Lake Agnes Parking area 2.4 miles west of Cameron Pass
Drive Time: ~1.5 h

Run 1: Evan Blumberg and I skinned up to Lake Agnes, then up Lake Agnes Bowl, then up the west ridge of Mount Richthofen, where we encountered winds that were consistently knocking us down. We decided to drop our skis under a couple of rocks and continue to the summit. The third class gully just below the summit was quite easy. We returned back to our skis and descended the ridge on firm snow to the top of the bowl. We were surprised by the smooth consistency of the powder in the bowl.
Elevation: ~600’

Run 2: Next, we booted up the most western of the many couloirs dropping off of Mount Mahler's east ridge. We skied the couloir down to the road finding a suncrust in the couloir, heavy powder in the apron and area above and below Lake Agnes and finally slush on the approach road.
Elevation: ~2430’
Total Skied Elevation: ~3030'
Total Elevation: ~3740'
Distance: ~8 miles
Time: ~7 h

Mount Richthofen & Mount Mahler from Lake Agnes

Evan climbing the easy third class gully to the summit

Looking down Lake Agnes Bowl towards Lake Agnes & CO 14