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Pigeon Peak


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Pigeon Peak
Turret Peak

Date: 7/3/2007
Distance: 9.3 miles
Elevation Gain: 7475'

Pigeon Peak

I camped at the Colorado Trailhead on Junction Creek Road outside of Durango Friday night. Saturday morning I drove into town, picked up my ticket and boarded the 9 am train. The train ride was uneventful but I was able to grab a good photo of Pigeon Peak and Turret Peak just south of Needleton. I got off the train and headed up the Animas River Trail to the Ruby Creek Trail to North Pigeon Creek. I got to the 11,740 foot meadow in North Pigeon Creek in 2 hours. I dropped my overnight gear, pumped some water ate some food and continued up Pigeon Peak's northwest face. There was some snow on route, but was easily avoided. I got to the summit in 4 hours from Needleton.

Pigeon Peak & Turret Peak from Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway

Turret Peak

I descended my ascent route and headed up Turret Peak's northwest face. I ran out of water again. I lost my large bladder and was using a 50 oz one. I also managed to leave all my food at camp. I got to the summit 6.5 hours from Needleton. Turret Peak provides good views of Pigeon's southeast face.

Pigeon Peak from Turret Peak's Northwest Slopes


12940 on Pigeon Peak's southwest ridge is aesthetically pleasing, so I decided to check it out. From the 12,780 foot saddle south of Pigeon Peak, I climbed the ridge southwest. I initially did a few fourth class moves, but the rest of the ridge was easy second class. The climb to the saddle between both summits was steep and loose. I got to the summit 7.5 hours from Needleton. I got a good shot of Turret Peak A from here. I cruised back down to camp descending from the 12,700 foot saddle east of 12940. I got back to camp 8 hours from Needleton, ate, drank and concluded there was nothing else I could climb from there the following day and still make the train. I descended back to Needleton in the morning.

Turret Peak from 12940