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Access from Fort Collins, CO: CO 14 West CO 125 South to the second road after Willow Creek Pass on the west side of CO 125 Drive Time: ~2:20 h Parkview Mountain: Evan Blumberg, Michelle Driscoll and I skinned up the road, cutting many switchbacks, to the Continental Divide Trail, then abandoned the trail for a safer ascent route up the east ridge since the snow was wet from failing to freeze overnight. We followed the ridge to the summit. Within minutes of reaching the summit we were enveloped by clouds and visibility was greatly reduced. We descended our ascent route finding the best snow on the east ridge. Elevation: ~2800’ Distance: ~8 miles Time: ~4 h
Parkview Mountain from Mount Richthofen 4/28/2009 Evan and Michelle, from front to back, crossing a slide path Evan skinning up the upper east ridge with Parkview Mountain in the distance Michelle snowshoeing up the upper east ridge Map Photos