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Access from Grand Junction, CO:
I-70 east
82 east
133 south to parking just east of McClure Pass
Drive Time: 1:50

I skinned north towards the east end of Huntsman Ridge and gained it just west of ”Hayes Peak”. I followed the ridge northwest to a point just east of the south ridge of 11540 where the north side of the ridge had a deep crown from a previous slide and the south side was steep and warming in the unseasonably warm weather.  I attempted to climb the ridge directly on foot but soon gave up since I was postholing.  I decided to drop into the slide path, then continue up towards 11540.  From the top of 11540, I descended the north ridge towards Huntsman Mountain.  I experienced several whumpfs, but none got my heart racing like the one just below the summit of Huntsman Mountain on a 27 degree slope.  I continued on towards the summit of Huntsman Ridge, then returned back to near 11540.  The sun was now setting and I was hoping to make it back on the ridge before dark.  I did make it back on the ridge before dark, but lost a tail clip at some point during the day and both skins failed me.  So, I resorted to side stepping up the remainder of the ridge. The night was warm, still and full of stars; I couldn’t ask for a better night to slog back to my car.
Total Elevation: ~5000’
Distance: ~15.2 miles
Time: 12:50

Huntsman Ridge

Huntsman Mountain


Chair Mountain