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Distance: 18.25 miles
Elevation: 7,607'
Time: 14 hours

Humboldt Peak:
I started from the South Colony Lakes 2WD TH on my mountain bike.  I abandoned the bike after about 0.5 miles since I thought I would be more efficient without it.  I continued on foot up to South Colony Lakes and up Humboldt‘s west ridge to the summit.  It took 4 hours to reach the summit from the TH.

I descended Humboldt‘s west ridge and continued up 13290‘s east ridge to it‘s summit.  I initially planned to contour below the summit, but it appeared easier to climb it.

"Northeast Crestone":
I descended Point 13290‘s west ridge to Bears Playground and continued south to Crestone Peak‘s north buttress which tops out on the summit of "Northeast Crestone".

"East Crestone":
I had to downclimb "Northeast Crestone" and traverse into the top of the north couloir.  This was the crux of the day.  I continued up to Red Saddle and scrambled up to "East Crestone".
Crestone Peak:
I descended "East Crestone" to Red Saddle and scrambled up to Crestone Peak.  It took 7 hours to reach the summit from the TH.
I downclimbed Crestone Peak‘s South Couloir and traversed to the base of Crestone Needle and climbed it to the summit.  I descended Crestone Needle‘s south ridge and south couloir to Broken Hand Pass and descended to South Colony Lakes.  It took 11 hours to reach the lakes from the TH.  I continued down the trail to the TH.