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Access from Fort Collins, CO:
CO 14 East
I-25 South
CO 66 West
CO 7 West
CO 72 South
Brainard Lake Road west to closure
Drive Time: ~1:15
David Holmberg, Evan Blumberg and I hiked up the primarily dry road to the Long Lake Trailhead. We continued up the Long Lake Trail to Lake Isabelle, then west to the unnamed lake at 11420’ and up to the basin below Apache Couloir. We climbed Apache Couloir to the south ridge of Apache Peak, then followed the ridge to the summit. We descended back to the top of the couloir and descended finding overly soft, but smooth snow. The maximum angle in the couloir was about 45 degrees. We were hoping to ski the Navajo Snowfield, but snow conditions were unfavorable. We were able to ski back down to Lake Isabelle before converting back to trail runners.
Elevation: ~3040’
Distance: ~10 miles
Time: ~6 h
Apache Peak
Navajo Peak

Shoshoni Peak
David skiing out of the couloir