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3/9/2010 - 9270, Beasley Hills, Big Baldy, 8754 & Booger Red Hill

From Fort Collins, I drove south on I-25, west on US-24, south on County Road 1, south on County Road 11 and east on County Road 347 to a BLM trailhead. I hiked north to the west ridge of 8754 and followed the ridge to the summit. I descended 8754’s northeast ridge, the climbed up Big Baldy. I descended slightly south of my ascent route.

8754 from the southwest

8754 from the east

Big Baldy from the west

Pikes Peak from Big Baldy

Big Baldy from the west

8754 & Big Baldy map

I drove up County Road 11 to the BLM gate in High Park. I walked east along the road until the road turned south. From here I traveled cross-country to the summit of Booger Red Hill.

Booger Red Hill

Mount Pisgah from Booger Red Hill

Booger Red Hill map

I drove north on County Road 11, north on County Road 1, west on Highland Meadows and north on Floresta Drive until its end. I hiked north to Beasley Hills’ east ridge, which I followed to the summit. From here I got a great view of Dog Head, which I was hoping to free solo. However, the amount of snow dissuaded me from doing so.

Beasley Hills map

I drove west on County Road 100 to its highpoint. I hiked northwest climbing many rocky points en route to the summit of 9270.

9270 map