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"Popeye Peak"

1/22/2010 - 8140 & Coffintop Mountain

From Lyons, I drove west on CO-7 to the first parking area west of Coffintop Gulch. I hiked up the north wall of Big Narrows, dropped into Coffintop Gulch and climbed Coffintop Mountain. The summit provided great views of Longs Peak and Button Rock Reservoir. The register was located between the lower, northern summit and the higher, southern summit. Roundtrip took 2:55.

Longs Peak

Button Rock Reservoir

The higher, southern summit of Coffintop Mountain from the register

Coffintop Mountain from Coffintop Gulch


I continued up CO-7 to a parking area north of 8140. I crossed the creek and scrambled up steep terrain to the summit of 8140. Roundtrip took 2 hours.

Coffintop Mountain from 8140


1/23/2010 - 8422, South Sheep Mountain & 7900

From the Dry Saint Vrain Trailhead, I hiked west to the summit of 7900, then dropped into Dry Saint Vrain Creek and climbed South Sheep Mountain enjoying the views but not the wind. I descended back down into Dry Saint Vrain Creek and found the Dry Saint Vrain Trail which I followed back to the trailhead. Roundtrip took 2.5 hours.

South Sheep Mountain


I drove back down CO-7 to the same parking area I used for 8140, but this time I headed north up a prominent drainage. There was a fresh boot track since there is a shooting area a couple hundred feet up the drainage. The upper part of the drainage is very steep. After topping out on top of the drainage, I headed northwest. I first found the road, then a trailer, then a crapper, signed, “Crapper” and a house. Once I saw the house, I left the road, skirted around it, finding an old mattress and oven, crossed the road that had fresh tire tracks, and climbed both summits of 8422. I returned my ascent route. Roundtrip took 2 hours.

8140 from en route to 8422


1/24/2010 - “Popeye Peak”, “Olive Peak” & Deer Ridge

From Lyons, I drove west on CO-7 and east on Boulder County Road 82 to Forest Service Road 118. The road is now closed for the season. I walked up the road briefly then contoured around the east side of 8793, dropped into Cow Creek, then ascended Deer Ridge. I followed my ascent route, but contoured around the west side of 8793. Roundtrip took 2 hours. I drove down County Road 82 to its intersection with Pierson Park Road. I crossed Cow Creek again and headed southwest to the summit of “Popeye Peak”. The views were few until I reached the rocky summit area. I returned my ascent route. Roundtrip took 2 hours. I drove down County Road 82, then east on CO-7 to the bridge over North Saint Vrain Creek. I followed the fisherman’s “trail” east on the south side of the creek, then up the northwest slopes of “Olive Peak” to the road that leads to the summit area. There were many boot tracks on the road and the summit area. Perhaps this is a popular peak for the locals. Roundtrip took 1:50.

North Sheep Mountain, Coffintop Mountain & South Sheep Mountain, from left to right