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12/26/2009 - 8820, 8722, 8522 & 8356

From Fort Collins, I drove north on US 287 and west on Red Feather Lakes Road to the Mount Margaret Trailhead. I broke trail north, then left the trail to climb 8522, which required some scampering to reach the top. I descended east finding an old road leading to Windy Gap Lake. I left the road heading north to 8356, which required some scrambling below the summit. Then I headed to the 8522-8356 saddle and contoured around the south side of 8522 and back to the Mount Margaret Trail making it back to my car in 3 hours. Next, I headed south on trail 991, then left it heading towards 8722 which had some large, snow-covered boulders below the summit area. I descended west back to the trail , which I followed to just south of the 8820. I left the trail and headed directly to the summit and retraced my steps back to the car in 3.5 hours.



12/27/2009 - 7814, Turkey Roost, 7655, 7500 & 7220

From Fort Collins, I drove north on US 287 and West on Cherokee Park Road to the parking area, which no longer requires a Habitat Stamp to park or travel by foot. I hiked west on the closed road to the base of 7814 and hiked up its east slopes to the summit. I descended a more northerly line back to the road, which I traveled on briefly before hiking up the west slopes of 7655. I descended north back to the road, then up the south gully of Turkey Roost, which is much easier to climb than it looks. I retraced my steps back to the road, which I followed until 7500 was in plain sight. I left the road and continued north to a suitable crossing of the North Fork of the Cache La Poudre River, then headed up to 7500. I descended the east slopes to Bull Creek, crossed it and climbed 7220, staying on the south side of the ridge. I retraced my steps back to Bull Creek, then followed the road back to my car resulting in a hike time of 8:45.

Turkey Roost


12/28/2009 - Iron Mountain, 8388 & 8300

From Fort Collins, I drove north on US 287 and west on Red Feather Lakes Road to a pullout on the south side of the road. I walked slightly east on the road to an area without any private property signage, traveled north, crossing South Lone Pine Creek, then up 8388 finding easy scrambling. I returned my ascent route. Roundtrip took 50 minutes.


8388 Map

I continued up Red Feather Lakes Road, then Prairie Divide Road and finally Creedmore Road, finding Creedmore Road unplowed. I was hoping to get some peaks further up the road, so plan B was in effect. I backtracked down Creedmore Road and Prairie Divide Road to the southern boundary of the National Forest north of Red Feather Ranch. I headed west, then south and climbed the northern, then southern summits of 8300. There were some interesting fourth class moves required for the southern summit of 8300. Roundtrip took 1:20.


8555 from 8300

8300 Map

I drove west up County Road 80C to the intersection with Pratt Creek Road. I hiked north on Pratt Creek Road, then cross country top the summit of Iron Mountain. Roundtrip took 1:20.

Iron Mountain Map

12/29/2009 - 8161, 8140 & 7282

From Fort Collins, I drove north on US 287 and west on Cherokee Park Road, then west on another county road, then south on a private road that had a box of flyers for a house for sale. I grabbed the flyer and drove up the road and parked at its highpoint. I continued east to the summit of 7282. Roundtrip took 28 minutes.

7282 Map

I drove up Prairie Divide Road and entered Maxwell Ranch. I stopped at the first house where I asked and was granted permission to climb 8161 and 8140. I followed Bob, the ranch hand to the second gate where I was instructed to park and start my climb. I continued up the road, then up drainage to a high plateau west on 8161. I continued to the summit, then descended to Hole Canyon and up the steep west slopes of 8140. I was surprised to find a register up here. I descended the drainage south of 8140 to Hole Canyon and back to the road. Roundtrip took 4 hours.

8161 & 8140 Map