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Access from Reno, NV:
US 395 South
US 50 West
NV 28 North
Take right into Spooner Lake Cross Country Skiing parking area
Drive Time: 57 min

I skinned up North Canyon, then up the northeast face of 7820. I descended back to North Canyon finding good corn snow.
Elevation: ~440’

I skinned higher up North Canyon, then up the north face of 8738. I descended back to and down North Canyon finding more corn snow.
Elevation: ~1748’
Total Elevation: ~2188’
Distance: ~10.4 miles
Time: 2:50

Foreground from left to right: Lake Tahoe & Marlette Lake. Background: Mount Rose

Snow Valley Peak looking very dry. It was skiable on 1/12/08.

Foreground: 7820. Background: Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe