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Access from Reno, NV:
US 395 south to CA 168
CA 168 west to road closure (Aspendell, CA)
Drive Time: ~3:40

Aaron Wilson and I skinned up CA 168, North Lake Road, up the drainage to Grass Lake, then up the drainage towards Lamarck Col. Aaron stopped at ~12,000’ due to fatigue. I dropped my skis at ~12,500’ and climbed to the summits of Mount Lamarck and 13464 on boulders, talus and unconsolidated snow. A storm was moving in and I was happy to get back to my skis so I could make a quick descent and not worry much about white out conditions. The snow varied from wind-packed to good powder. By the time I made it down to Grass Lake, my quads were burning.
Skied Elevation: ~4,000’
Total Elevation: ~5,081’
Distance: ~14.5 miles
Time: 10 h

Looking south from North Lake Road towards Mount Thompson

Looking north from Grass Lake towards Mount Emerson

Our ascent/descent route from Grass Lake. We followed the drainage to the left of the unnamed peak in the center of the photo. Lamarck Col, Mount Lamarck and 13464 are out of view behind the unnamed peak in the center. Photo: Aaron

A short pitch below treeline. Owens Valley and White Mountain Peak are in the distance. Photo: Aaron