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"Red Deer"


Access from Fort Collins, CO: I-25 South CO-66 West CO-7 North CO-72 South Boulder County 96 West 2.8 miles to the Coney Flats Roadhead Drive Time: 1:15 "Red Deer Mountain": Jonny Cromwell, Matt Primomo & I skinned up the Coney Flats Road, then the Buchanan Pass Trail and up the southeast face of "Red Deer Mountain". We then booted up to the south ridge which we followed to the summit. We checked out the south sides of Ogalalla Peak & Elk Tooth, then walked to the top of an aesthetic couloir we spotted on the way up. We dropped in finding slushy snow and a slope angle in the lower forty degree range. Sawtooth Mountain: Next, we booted up just north of Buchanan Pass, then hiked up the northwest ridge of Sawtooth Mountain to its summit. We all were impressed by the steep south face. We descended the ridge slightly on foot then dropped in on the northeast face finding hard pack. Elevation: ~4000' Distance: ~13 miles Time: ~9 h
"Red Deer Mountain" Jonny skinning up "Red Deer Mountain" with Sawtooth Mountain in the background Matt riding "Red Deer Mountain" Sawtooth Mountain Map Brian's Photos Matt's Photos Backcountry Club Thread