Exquisite Beer Tasting

Steve & I have been talking about doing a beer tasting for a while.  He and Inky are good at cellaring their beers and letting them age until they are at their prime.  On the other hand, I have no patience for such things and usually consume my beer shortly after obtaining it.  So, the plan was to let Steve know when I found something unique to contribute to the tasting.  As soon as I had a Jeroboam of the 2011 Double Bastard in my possession, I let Steve know that I had something worthy of bringing to a tasting.  It turned out that he was planning on setting up the tasting the following week.  Steve arranged to have Russ, the owner of Choice City Butcher and Deli, host the event.  We had 14 attendees & 25 beers with an average ABV of 12.5%.  It was an amazing lineup; some of my personal highlights were the 1995 Triple Bock, Sink the Bismarck! & the 2008 Mephistopheles' Stout.

 Beer  Brewer  Origin  Bottle Size   ABV  Vintage
 Hellhound on My Ale  Dogfish Head  Delaware  750 mL  10%  
 Double Bastard  Stone  California  Jeroboam  10.5%  2011
 Brother David Triple  Anderson Valley  California  Bomber  10%  
 Samael's  Avery  Colorado  12 oz  16.45%  2009
 Bitches Brew  Dogfish Head  Delaware  750 mL  9.0%  
 Bullfrog  Issaquah  Washington  Bomber    
 Woodcut #5  Odell  Colorado   750 mL  11.3%  
 La Folie  New Belgium  Colorado   750 mL  6%  2005
 The Beast  Avery  Colorado  12 oz  15.0%  2009
 Tactical Nuclear Penguin  BrewDog  Scotland  12 oz  32%  
 Sahtea  Dogfish Head  Delaware  750 mL  9%  
 Triple Bock  Sam Adams  Massachusetts  8.45 oz  17.5%  1995
 Outer Darkness  Utah Brewers Cooperative  Utah  500 mL  10.5%  
 Sink The Bismarck!  BrewDog  Scotland  12 oz  41%  
 Imperial Pumpkin Porter  Epic  Utah   Bomber  7.3%  Release #1
 Christmas Ale  Great Lakes   Ohio  12 oz  7.5%  
 Third Coast Ale  Bell's   Michigan  12 oz  10.2%  
 Dark Island Reserve  Orkney  Scotland  750 mL  10%  
 Meph Addict  Avery   Colorado  12 oz  15.5%  
 Mephistopheles' Stout  Avery   Colorado  12 oz  15.92%  2008
 Oatmeal Stout  Dave Fox   Colorado  Bomber  5.5%  2011
 Lager  Shmaltz Brewing Company  New York  Bomber  5.5%  
 Parabola  Firestone Walker   California  Bomber  12.5%  2011
 Wisconsin Belgian Red  New Glarus  Wisconsin  750 mL  4.0%  
 Fox Barrel Mulled Cider  Fox Barrel Cider Company  California   Bomber  6.9%