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Date: 8/25/2007
Distance: ~11.4 miles 
Elevation Gain: ~6410 


Julie Struble, Luke Kroiss and I camped at the Grizzly Gulch Trailhead Friday night. Julie and Luke had Redcloud Peak, Sunshine Peak and “Sundog” on their itineraries. I had 13795 and “Sundog” on mine and our plan was to meet on the summit of “Sundog” at noon. I began hiking up the Grizzly Gulch Trail at 5:21 am. I left the trail and ascended the drainage coming from the unnamed lake at 12323 feet. I hiked along the west side of the lake and climbed a steep and loose slope to a cirque north of 13795. I proceeded up another steep and loose slope to the 13580 foot saddle west of 13795. Following the small ridge west of the gully leading up to the 13580 foot saddle might be more efficient even though it requires slightly more elevation gain. From the 13580 saddle, I followed 13795’s west ridge and arrived at the summit at 8:09 am. There was no summit register. The summit provided good views. However, the route from the unnamed lake is undesirable. Climbing 13795 is probably best done from Handies Peak.
13795 from the north


I descended my ascent route, but hiked along the east side of the unnamed lake. The east side is less steep and more pleasant than the west side. I joined the Grizzly Gulch Trail and returned to my Jeep at 10:06 am. I applied additional sunscreen and began hiking up the Silver Creek Trail. I left the trail at the base of Sundog’s north ridge, crossed Silver Creek, gained the north ridge and climbed it.
Handies Peak & Whitecross Mountain
Handies Peak & Whitecross Mountain, from left to right
The trees are sparse, so climbing the north ridge below treeline is best described as cross country travel as opposed to a bushwhack. I reached the summit at 12:12 pm just minutes after Julie and Luke, who came from Sunshine Peak. They picked up a stranger named Bill from Sunshine Peak. The weather was good, but slightly too hot. We hung out on top until 12:48 and descended the north ridge. I arrived back at the Jeep at 2:11 pm.
13795 & Handies Peak
13795 & Handies Peak, from left to right