Requirements for Entries

Please remember, although all entries for the competitions are anonymous, the articles must be labled making it clear for which of the Trophies it has been submitted and giving details of what it is.

The Fibre Arts Trophy: Here are two documents you may find useful to help you tackle your work. Although these apply specifically to the Fibre Arts Trophy they are well worth reading and considering when entering your work for any of the Trophy Awards.

To view and download for storage/printing on your PC.  Click on the links below.

The Ogilvie Trophy: The Ogilvie Trophy is for weaving excellence. It will be judged on the following criteria : Impact, Technique, Design, Colour, Harmony, Selvages and Finish. Your work must be clearly labelled.

The Spinning Trophies: Here is the document with the criteria for entries to the 3 spinning Trophies

To view and download for storage/printing on your PC.  Click on the link below.


Trophies are awarded annually and must returned before the December meeting.


There are 2 weavingTrophies

The Fibre Arts Trophy

The Monday Group, in memory of Guild founder Pauline Calderwood, donated this Trophy. It is awarded for skill and imagination in the creative use of any type of fibre.

The Ogilvie Trophy

This trophy, donated by Elizabeth Rossiter in memory of her mother Dora Ogilvie, is awarded for weaving excellence.

A memory of Dora Ogilvie written by Elizabeth Rositter

“On February 7th 1982, my dear Mother, Dora Ogilvie, slipped quietly away in her eighty-seventh year. Many of the weavers, especially the older ones, when the Guild was small enough to hold meetings at members’ homes will remember a visit to her charming thatched house set in its beautiful garden in Orchards. The delicious teas with pancakes and scones set out under the big tulip tree, and then a tour round the house. The rondawel on the left was called the Honey-Suckle room. This was where her big looms were housed and where she wove tablecloths, bedspreads, curtains and rugs. The one on the right was the Rosepath room, where dinner mats and table linen was produced.

Continuing through the house, which was filled with weaving, everyone was charmed by her beautiful little tapestries. She was a prodigious worker; someone filled with enthusiasm and good ideas and with a very good colour sense.

She joined the Pretoria Guild in the early fifties and taught herself to weave from books. I remember seeing her sitting under the loom with hundreds of strings hanging down, and then being amazed to see that she had actually got it set up.

Later she was a founder member of the Johannesburg Guild. Indeed, I believe the first meeting to discuss the formation of the Guild was held at her house. Later she was delighted to be one of their first Honorary Members".
Read more about Dora Ogilvie : Article by Jean Wildman

For more on the Web about Elizabeth and Jules Rossiter, see Jean Wildman's site featuring Jules’ beautifully crafted Spinning Wheels and Elizabeth’s weaving.


There are 3 spinning Trophies.

The Domleo Trophy

This Trophy was donated by Francis Domleo and is awarded for excellence in Spinning

The Peter Kelsey Trophy

Awarded for the best spun 'Novelty Yarn'

The Eline Williams Trophy

Awarded to the best Novice Spinner

The Eline Williams Trophy was donated by her mother Cora Wright. 
                                                        Eline weaves under the name ‘Saskia’