Archived Talks 2012

February to June : Tapestry Frame Weaving   with Lynette van Niekerk   pdf 1.42 Mb

                         July: The Moorman Technique   with Gisela Knox   pdf 598 Kb   

                  August :  Multi-coloured Warps   with Cherre Hill   pdf 591 Kb

            September:   Presentation Techniques and Equipment     with Lucia Roodt    pdf 967 Kb

                October :   Weaving and Selling    with Marlene Toerien    pdf  474  Kb

Archived Talks 2011

   February:  Colour   with Kerri Steyn   pdf 427 Kb

        March:  Moroccan Trip   with Ingrid Hague   pdf 499 Kb

            April: Bead Weaving   with Erika Cheetham   pdf 622 Kb

            May: Textile Art   with Marina Sigalas    pdf 1.16Mb

           June: Colonial Overshot   with Greig Kothe   pdf 785 Kb

            July: Miniature Weaving   with Gwen Scallan   pdf 569 Kb

       August: Weavers in Oz and New zealand   with Gisela Knox   pdf  2.21 Mb

September: Visit to the Kim Sacks Gallery    pdf  654 Kb

     October: Braids and Bands   with Barbara Schwandtner   pdf 755 Kb

 November: Fabric Enhanced Pottery   with Sue de Wilde   pdf 476 Kb