Teak Chair

After I made my Teak Desk, I decided to make a chair to go with it. Designing a chair to match a desk was a very different experience than creating a stand alone piece; it meant that I had direct inspiration, but restrictions as well. After many sketches, and a couple mock ups, this is the final draft of mocking up:

The seat, which will be a bent lamination made on the same form as my drawer fronts, will be floating and only be supported at four points on the chair frame:

First step was as always to mill up the lumber

After letting it rest for a couple days, I started shaping out the pieces. The teak was so oily that the sawdust just caked on the pieces as I cut them

Then onto joinery and hand shaping

The oils in the teak make sliding tenons in so smooth.

After gluing up, laminating a seat and back, and finishing with some light garnet shellac, here is how it turned out:

With the desk, they make quite a pair