Moxon Vise

The Moxon Vise is a twin screw vise that can be clamped to the benchtop. This is a great way to secure stock at a higher level than the benchtop, which brings it to a more comfortable level to cut dovetails. Mine is made of beech, with maple supports under the back. The vise screws are 1 1/2" in diameter, and made of beech with maple handles.

For cutting the tails on dovetails, I perfer to tilt my board, keeping my cuts vertical tot he ground, but at the right slope for the tails. To make it easy on myself guesing the right slope, I burned a couple guide lines on the inside of a jaw face.

For operations such as cutting half blind dovetails, it is required to use the saw at a downward angle, so I decided to add a bevel to the outside of the front jaw. To transition from the bevel to the square ends, I used what is called a "Lamb's Tongue".

And here it is at work: