Maple Cabinet

This is a small desk top cabinet that I am making out of maple. The cabinet started with a couple doors. The inspiration for these doors comes from a frame and panel design. I wanted coopered panels that were more like slats, so that they allow light and air through them.

The "slats" are slightly concave, and have a gap between each other, and a gap between them and the frames vertically. They each have a tenon that goes into an oversized mortise in the frame members to allow the wood to expand and contract, and will have little brass pins through them to hold them in place.

With the doors done, I felt that they should be sliding doors. Around the idea of having these doors sliding, I designed a cabinet, and built a carcase with doweled sides and a splined median.

Left of the partition is where the sliding doors will be, and on the right I will put a door of similar design, but hinged. 

To allow the doors to slide, I needed grooves in the top and bottom of the carcase, so that a tongue on the doors can track.

The grooves on the top are deeper than the grooves on the bottom so that the doors can be loaded into the top grooves, then fall down into the bottom ones.

Before I moved onto fitting the doors, I dimensioned up some more maple and put it on stickers to acclimate.

I then worked on fitting the doors, making them slide, and making my hinged door. 

Mocked up, here is what it looks like: 

I then worked on making a back panel. Leaning up against the back of the carcase, here is how it will look through the doors.

After cleaning up joints, and flattening and smoothing surfaces here is what my bench ended up looking like.

Going clockwise, the tools are:
  My small coffin plane for flattening and evening up frame faces,
  A file for working the dowels,
  My mallet for those joints that don't quite want to go together or come apart,
  A half-inch chisel for paring small things,
  My jointer plane for straightening long edges,
  My Norris smoother for smoothing faces,
  Clamps to hold the carcase square,
  A low angle block plane for working end grain,
  A shoulder plane for cleaning and fitting tenons,
  And half-inch chisel I made that does not have a handle on it yet.

  I made a pair of knife hinges, put some shelves in, and finished with Shellac and Clapham's Bee's Wax Finish. 

  The outside is just shellacked, and the inside is finished with shellac and wax

Two sliding doors, and one hinged

Each floating coopered panel was secured with a tiny brass brad at either end

The hinged door has a pair of knife hinges hand made, and a dark patina added

The door pull is carved out of Burmese Blackwood