Le Teakra

This cabinet started with two ideas, the first of which was to make something small. The second was to do an argyle type parquetry door. From those two ideas I designed this little deco-inspired cabinet.

All of the panels are veneered lumber-core that I made from scratch. The first step was to cut some softwood, I used hemlock, into staves to glue together. I oriented the growth rings in opposing directions to counteract wood movement.

Then, I apply a cross bonded veneer to further counteract wood warping.

I was then able to crossbond those veneers with my final wood; teak exterior and boxwood interior.

The stand I decided to make out of elm. The construction of the stand was a bit of a problem, because I wanted my bottom panel to be integrated into it, so I had to make notches in the panel for the legs to recess into

I then gave the stand a seal coat of shellac before gluing it up. After glue up I Doweled it and oiled it.

The top and sides got doweled as well

then everything got glued up

A partition then got splined in

With the partition it, I could then fit the door and trim it to size

after the door came the drawer which was a little tricky because all of the sides tilt in at an angle.

With final touches and a few coats of shellac, this little cabinet was done.