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I love to write. My books are Fiction.  I write an assortment of genres. They range from Fantasy Action & Adventure to Romance of different categories. Also hoping to get released soon under the pen name of Ella LeNell: Highland Romance, Western Romance & Regency romance . My books are appropriate for ages 15 up. I use that age gauge because of some foul language in my  action adventure series of the LIGHT  WARRIOR  CHRONICLES with the exception of  

A Master Surprise (due to some sexual content  age 17+)

My Romance Novels will be clean. If you prefer Romance Novels with sexual content, I will be happy to refer you to many of my wonderful author friends. Just send me a message via my FaceBook private messenger.



Light Warrior Chronicles Book 1

Abandoned and left to Fate on Earth, Chasedy Polari must discover what is expected of her. She was trained from the young age of two to use weapons and hand to hand combat. Along the way she has acquired abilities that leaves her skills, so far unchallenged. However, she still has no idea what Fate has in store for her, though she is aware that her kind do not live once their mission is complete. 

    She finds herself in situations that emerge guardian after guardian. How many guardians does a girl need for a mission of fate that is supposed to leave her dead at such a young age? If her destiny is to die after she accomplishes what she is destined for, then why is she suddenly finding herself surrounded by untouchable, gorgeous men, calling themselves her guardians? 

    Jax, Travis, Kale, and other guardians are trying to help, but for some reason they keep losing track of the precious one they are supposed to guard. Jax is not happy when he is told he must help Chasedy find her mate. He is especially unhappy when the lord of the Dark Realm hovers over her. Families are being violently slaughtered. Fear and panic rise as not only as one of Fates destined, Chase Polari must her way, but murders increase and she must find a way to stop them. She suspects they are because someone is searching for her. When Chase finds her mate, will she mate with him and  face death or will she complete what ever she was sent to Earth to accomplish?

Guardians part 1 

Guardians part 2









A Master Surprise

(Light Warrior Chronicles 1.5)

 After her grandmother died, Kaci was spirited away from the only home she has ever known, by parents that abandoned her when she was a toddler. The vast difference between her home island and New York is overwhelming, but she wants her parents to be proud of her.

Marc is a busy man. He is alpha to his pack and a very wealthy business man. He has avoided the marriage market for years only to find himself being auctioned off by his mother at a charity bachelor auction.

What happens when Marc meets Kaci changes his and her world as they know it. She’s different . . . really different!

Kaci patiently waits for the auctioneers to call John’s name as the bachelor she is to bid on. She continued to type into her smart phone, searching the internet for more information on art galleries, while keeping an ear open for John Lomax’s name.

She rose from her seat and headed for the stage to claim her prize, but froze when she saw it was not John Lomax, but a different man. ‘Oh no! My parents are going to kill me. I should have been paying attention.’

Leman and Marc suddenly found themselves surrounded by cats - big ass cats and wolves and bears and all sorts of other animals.

Leman turned his gaze to where Marc was watching. Kaci traipsed right through the animals surrounding them like it was an everyday stroll in the park. She approached them and circled them.

The animals dispersed and left within minutes, except one big ass grizzly. Kaci stomped the ground with her foot and growled. The big ass grizzly shook his head, but turned and walked away.









Warriors Descend 

(Light Warrior Chronicles  2 )

Larin quirked one side of his pressed lips, and a mischief gleam sparkled in his eyes, “You know brother, Chiag, nor did I promise him safety from our mother – only from me.” Then a serious scowl appeared on Larin’s face, “However, if she kills him, and he has lied to me, then we will not be able to obtain the truth.” Larin watched as Kale clenched his fists as he directed his focus upon the ground then clasp his hands behind his back, and paced. Larin wondered what direction his brother’s heavy burden was leading him to. By releasing the prisoner to their mother, the faey queen; the wisdom Kale sought could cost him the life of his friend, Jaxon McKnight. He did not envy his brother at this moment. He knew Kale had made a decision when he lifted his head and grinned, but he was not certain he wanted to hear what his brother would say. Larin’s curiosity at Kales half-cocked grin got the best of him, “So brother, you have made a decision?”

Just when he is getting used to the idea that he is a Faey Prince - though only a half blood; he discovers he must journey to the underworld to find his friend's mate, the King of Shifters.  

Chase is a walking nuclear device. The Oamnian Council fears she is going to blow and take a lot of innocent lives with her. They have to find her mate, Jaxon McKnight.  

Queen Shanikia of the faey realm, is not about to let her son, Jordan Kale descend to the underground without warrior skills. He has always been docile. He hates violence. However, this time he has no choice but to learn how to protect himself violently before he can find Jax. So, she orders her full blood faey son, Prince Larin to train him. She is concerned the brutal training may crush his spirit. But, it must be done.  He's not used to getting his hands dirty, but it looks as though he is going to get a lot more than his hands dirty - possibly even his soul. Where he is going, battle is not engaged with guns. It's survival of a whole new degree for Jordan Kale Montgomery.  

The mythological creatures in the underground are deadly. Kale will have no faey abilities in the underground. Thankfully at the last moment Aristione De Luca, the King of the Dark Realm volunteered to go with him to watch his back. But he will have none of his abilities in the underground either. If one or both of them die there, they stay there for eternity. And, nobody wants to get that close to Hell without a chance. So, neither man can take his body if he wants a chance at survival.


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About the Author: JuEllen Nelson

She currently lives in Idaho with her ever busy family. Her passion for the mountains never falter. She loves to read and write; when she has time to do so. 

For more information about Juellen Nelson’s other books, and upcoming releases go to: https://www.facebook.com/writerjuellennelson

NOTE from JuEllen

I love to write. My books are Fiction.  I write an assortment of genres. They range from Fantasy Action & Adventure to Romance of different categories. ie. Hoping to get released soon under my pin name: Highland Romance, Western Romance & Regency romance . My books are appropriate for ages 13 up. I use that age gauge because of some foul language in my  action adventure series of the LIGHT  WARRIOR  CHRONICLES with the exception of  A Master Surprise - appropriate for over age 17