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A Legacy Of Heroines

A Legacy of Heroines

Clio, the muse of history,
inspires a legacy of women's lives,
like a quilt of heroines
stitched upon the cloth of time.

Each her own heroine,
these women joining hands
in a circle of community.
Day by day, year by year,
until forty years of dedication
creates this many-colored legacy.

Each her own heroine,
though she may never thought it so.
She was there to guide the young,
to gather those in need
in a net of kindness
until forty years of sisterhood
creates this precious legacy.

Praises to these women of Onekama,
each her own heroine,
each face stitched upon the quilt of time,
a legacy of heroines,
for daughters of the future.

Jacquelyn Markham, 1995