The Art and Writing of Joneen Nielsen

Porpoise Table Commission, July 2016.
House Decor
Interior images from home of collector of my art in Florida. Lady Fish in acrylics, 2017.
House Decor-2
Big Eye Fish in acrylics, 2017.
House Decor-3
Octopus Table, in oils, 2017.
Mermaids as the three muses, serving box, in oils, 2015.
House Decor-5
Mermaid and Merman inspired by early 20th century illustrator. Acrylics. 2016.
House Decor-6
Octopus, in acrylics. 2016.
House Decor-7
Seahorse and Black and White Cow. Both in acrylics. 2016.
House Decor-8
Big eye fish on old wood. In oils. 2016.
commission, August 2015
Crab Cabinet, 2016.

Spanish Maiden Coffee Table. 2013

Sailor Boy Table, 2011

Bicycle Yard Art, 2014
Rothko Bar Stools
Rothko Bar Stools, 2013
One of Four
One of four set, Homage to Edvard Munch aka Fung Shui Series, 2013
Untitled, acrylic on canvas, gallery wrap, 36"W x 20"H
Sunflower Chair, 2011
Sunflower Rocking Chair, 2011
Sunflower Rocking Chair, 2011
Sunflower Rocking Chair, 2011
Rubics Chair aka Homage to Mondrian, 2012
Headboard, oil on wood, 56" wide x 31" high, 2011
Mermaid Screen, 2016
Mermaid Screen
DeSoto National Memorial #1, 2010

Sailboat, 2010
The two photos below are of a mural in the Bradenton, Florida area completed 2009

The left end of the mural



Mermaid Bathtub, 2016.
Family portrait/ 2009
Summer Squall, mixed media, approximately 24" H x 48" W,  2009
Sunflower, 2009
Snook. RxR Tie Series, 2014
Barracuda 2016
2016 Barracuda
Painted Bookcase, 2009
Butterfly Chair, 2008