The Art of Joneen Nielsen

House Decor-3

Interior Decor, 2017.

House Decor-5

Permit fish, oils on old 1950s wood cabinet. 2015.

Porpoise table commission, acrylics. 2016.

Barracuda Head Detail, oils on wood. 2016.

Barracuda, oils on wood, 5 feet long. 2016.

House Decor

Interior, Lady Fish, Acrylics, 2015.

Tuna on old 1970s wood, oils. 2017.

Pilot Whale on metal. Oils. Commission. 2017.

Crab Cabinet

Crab Cabinet, commission, oils. 2016.

Based on illustrator Walter Popp's art. Acrylics, footboard. 2016.

Commissions, 2013.

Little Boy Blue Series, 2014.

Bicycle Yard Art Commission, 2011.

Rothko Bar Stools

Rothko Bar Stools, acrylics, 2013.

One of Four

Set of four chairs, Inspired by Artist Edvard Munch, oils, 2011.

Sunflower Rocking Chair commission, oils, 2010.

Rubics Series, acrylics, 2012.

Mural, Pericho Bay, Florida. 2009.

A Family Portrait, acrylics, 2009.

Evangeline's portrait. Oils. 2016.

Rowan's Portrait. Acrylics. 2017.

Portrait of family friend, Jeanie. acrylics. 2014.

My first hand painted chair. oils, 2008.