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West Midlands, 
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Monday to Thursday 8:30am – 5:00pm

Friday – 8:30am – 4:00pm

Saturday / Sunday – Closed

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Dave Chandler - Director / CEO.

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General Terms and Conditions of Services

These conditions relate to sub-contract straightening services supplied by John Macnab Services Ltd to be known as ‘we’, ’us’ and ‘our’, carried out for customers to be known as ‘you’, ‘your’ etc.

All goods, product, parts or other materials to be delivered to us or collected by you or your agent to be at your expense, in accordance with information on our website:

Deliveries to us must conform to the following:

Flatbed transport preferred

We have no fork lift truck facilities

Our factory is equipped with overhead crane only.

If you wish to deliver small parts in an enclosed vehicle these must be unloaded into our factory by your delivery driver or contractor.

We accept no liability for the inability to unload goods presented outside of the above parameters.

Goods can be loaded or unloaded during these times:

Monday – Thursday: 8.30 am – 12.30 pm / 1.30 pm – 4.30 pm

Friday: 8.30 am – 12.30 pm / 1.30 pm – 3.30 pm.

Goods will only be re-packaged in original materials, crates or boxes etc., if these are of sufficient standard to re-use. Any sub-standard packaging received by us will be advised to you.

We can not accept responsibility for damage to packaging or goods once they have left our  premises. Any issues regarding losses or condition of goods received must be in the first case addressed to the transport company involved.

All materials are received by us strictly free issue.

Your material will be unloaded, stored and re-loaded by us using the greatest of care.

Upon inspection, and sometimes before unloading, any obvious damage to your material prior to our work will be advised to you.

All goods received by us must be accompanied by all relevant order nos. documentation etc., unless previously transmitted to us via email or fax.

All goods must relate to the description given and conform to the heat treatment specification.

Regardless of all other considerations due to the nature of our process, although the greatest of care will be taken, breakage or distortion of parts is possible and is not our responsibility.

Any persons visiting our premises should arrange an amicable appointment date and time and be prepared to supply all protective footwear, safety glasses and any other equipment deemed necessary.

All works will be carried out to your requirements where possible. Where the required final tolerance is not achievable, for whatever reason, we will inform you prior to collection.

Where final tolerance requirements are not stated on your order, we will achieve the best possible result and report this on our delivery note.

All goods leave our works following 100% final inspection and tolerances noted. Any parts which, for any reason whatsoever, are received by you with out of tolerance readings and needing reworking will be rectified by us at an additional cost to be determined. Please be aware that distortion in material can occur due to poor transportation, mishandling during unloading by yourselves and poor storage and stillage.

Notwithstanding 17 above, any material found to be out of tolerance, due to an obvious oversight by us, will be rectified Free of Charge. Transport costs to be yours.

Payment terms:

Strictly 30 days net

Invoices will relate to delivered quantities and not order quantities

New clients will be invoiced on a pro-forma basis until a working relationship is established

Overdue accounts may jeopardise continuation of work

All quantities received will be processed and invoiced accordingly, we will inform customers of any major discrepancies of quantities against order quantities.

All data held by us regarding your Company in any way whatsoever is held in full confidentiality and will not be transmitted to any other person or persons without your written permission.

Where possible, works can be quoted for on receipt of drawings etc., although final pricing will often depend upon the material condition upon receipt. Should this negate the quoted price we will inform you prior to any work being carried out. All quotations are firm for 28 days.

Force majeure or other circumstances leading to restriction or cessation of our works release us from any liability for the duration of such occurrence.

We reserve the right to refuse any work at our own discretion.

Place Of Registration : England. Registered Office: BYRON HOUSE 21 RECTORY ROAD WEST BRIDGFORD, NOTTINGHAM, NG2 6BE .Company No. 00783737 VAT Reg No.GB 100 3534 37