John Macnab Services Limited, is a family owned business set up in 1979 as a Specialist Precision Straightening Company.

Over 30 years of experience in this industry has culminated in us being the largest sub contract facility in the U.K., offering solutions to deformation in many types and configurations of bar, shaft, tube and other such products with distortion following heat treatment, machining, accidental damage etc.

Our full range of machinery caters for components ranging from small fasteners to shafts of 150mm diameter up to 8 metres in length.

Batch sizes can vary from a one off shaft to many thousands of fasteners.

The machines used in our works are all supplied by the Worlds leading Precision Straightening Press Manufacturer, Galdabini of Italy, and utilising their patented servo stroke control system gives repeatable accurate straightness tolerance, most important for our large client base.

We also offer a sub contract Vibratory Stress Relieving service if required, provided by VSR

Test Certificates and inspection reports can be supplied upon request