iMecaProf and Basic Mechanics

Is iMecaProf really relevant when looking at a course on Basic Mechanics. 

These courses are usually taught everywhere to freshmen. What is taught is essentially the same everywhere. 

Let’s use the MIT Opencourseware as a reference: 

Below are identified below parts of the course that can benefit from the use of the iPhone4 and possibly others smartphones when taugth.

A typical course in Classical Mechanics  is

Mathematics: The Language of Science

» 3. Cartesian Coordinates and Vectors

Translational Kinematics

» 4. One-Dimensional Kinematics and Free Fall

» 5. One-Dimensional Kinematics: Non-Constant Acceleration

» 6. Two-Dimensional Kinematics

Force and Newton's Laws of Motion

» 7. Concept of Force

» 8. Application of Newton's Second Law

Circular Motion

» 9. Circular Motion Kinematics

» 10. Circular Motion Dynamics

Conservation of Energy

» 13. Potential Energy

» 14. Application of Energy Conservation

» 15. Mechanical Energy and Simple Harmonic Oscillator

Two-Dimensional Rotational Motion

» 20. Two-Dimensional Rotational Kinematics

» 21. Two-Dimensional Rotational Dynamics

Rotation and Translation

» 26. Two-Dimensional Rotation and Translation Kinematics

» 27. Two-Dimensional Rotation and Translation Dynamics