*About Shamanic Resets

Deep clean your energy with a customized combination of ancient techniques: Reiki, mapacho, palo santo, aromatherapy, sound bath, chakapa rattle, and more. JodiAnn is a modern day Shaman, who transcends normal consciousness while remaining lucid like traditional Shamans minus the hallucinogenics. This thorough process has been gifted to her through meditations. The results have been astounding, leaving you feeling much lighter and clearer. The reset clears energies that are no longer working for your highest good, whether it's old habits, dysfunctional dynamics, karmic issues, generational issues, bad relationships, etc. leaving you clear to live your best life.

Introducing Online Booking with JodiAnngel! (finally!)

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Please note: for custom scheduling of Reiki Master Class and Clearings over 10,000 square feet please text 203-391-4060