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Crystals & Chakras Class

Learn about the power of crystals and how to incorporate them into Chakra healing and balancing - virtual 2 hours ($200)

Zelle registration fee to 230-391-4060, text your email address to 203-391-4060 and Zoom link will be emailed to you.

We are proud to announce we are officially affiliated with TheMindlight.com!

JodiAnn has known Melanie (one of the founders) for 8 years and I'm continually impressed with her passion to grow and share her knowledge to help all of humanity. Join me in their FREE trainings!

Mindlight is offering an events that is complementary to the work we do here at JodiAnngel.

Mindlight is an emotional training company that trains practitioners in emotional transformation; with specific focuses on Trauma Resolution and Human Potential. Trainers who train with them are known for being high impact.

Trauma Recovery Training - by Mindlight

Learn how to turn painful negative experiences into wisdom, compassion and vitality

{Next date to be announced}

We have spent the last 15 years perfecting the art of healing emotional wounds. We have a proven process that anyone can follow by themselves to get relief and resolution from traumatic events and dissolve negative emotional patterns.

This training is to teach you this process and begin to train and empower you to implement it for yourself.

You can apply this to get relief and resolution on a specific topic you are working with now but once you have these skills you have them for life and can apply them to anything that is holding you back for the rest of your life.

*On Trauma *

One of the most important ways that we can heal ourselves is by addressing Trauma. Trauma occurs when something happens in our life that overwhelms our nervous system. Most of our painful emotional patterns and emotional wounds are traumas. In this training we will address what trauma is, how it may be affecting you and how to resolve it.

This is an introduction to a 4 week training that will teach you to powerfully hold and heal emotional pain. You will learn how trauma impacts our emotional world and how to integrate it permanently.

You will learn:

How the emotional system works mentally and physically

The foundational techniques to resolve negative emotion

Important approaches for emotional safety

Real timelines and expectations for healing a spectrum of emotional wounds

This training event will include a live demonstration of healing, plus will have time for Q&A.

The Reveal Retreat

(Self Mastery)

Schedule for 2022:

Oct 6-9, Sedona, AZ - $1800 (all inclusive) full moon

Tentative dates for 2023:

April 6-9, Sedona, AZ- $1800 (all inclusive) full moon

Oct 12-15, Sedona, AZ - $1800 (all inclusive) new moon

**See "Retreat" tab for more details

Sedona Self Mastery Retreat

Uncover what’s been blocking you from your best life. Center & connect in a way you've never experienced. Learn practices you can easily incorporate into your daily life. Reveal your deeper gifts - feel empowered - be refreshed!


    • Hiking

    • Meditations

    • Tea ceremonies

    • Chi Gong

    • Chakra session

    • Labyrinth walk

    • Self awareness & application techniques

    • Private Sweat Lodge with a local Shaman

Registration includes:

  • 4 days/3 nights lodging

  • Shamanic Reset (very thorough energy clearing)

  • All delicious, healthy food & water included

  • Several healing sessions (Reiki, Divine Reading & more)

  • Handouts/supplies for sessions are provided, just bring your personal effects

  • Very effective techniques that are easily incorporated into normal daily life so you can continue your blissful state even after you leave.

  • Time to visit the shops in town

  • Goody bag

Space is limited so reserve your spot now

All inclusive registration only $1500 ($500 minimum deposit) Bring a friend and you each get $150 discount!

( JodiAnngelbooking.square.site or Zelle 203-391-4060)

Dates tba when the weather is more comfortable

Reiki is an Ancient Tibetan healing art that resurfaced in Japan in the early 1900's. Learn to channel this amazing energy to help your personal healing process and to help others. Reiki is non-invasive, safe and effective for types of healing.

Level 1 focuses on physical healing 4 hours/$400

Level 2 includes mental health & emotional healing. You learn to send healing energy long distance, the original ancient symbols & the Re-establishment Procedure which helps you change old core beliefs that no longer serve you. 6 hours/$600

Level 3 (Mastership program) includes learning over 30 more Reiki symbols, the teaching process and personal coaching through what can bean amazing transformative process in personal growth! 20 class hours, 10 clinic hours/$3000**

**Payments plans & partial barters considered, please contact me to discuss. Fears around exchange should not get in the way of your healing process or passions!

Reiki Class Level 1

Call to schedule a customized date/time.

Reiki Class Level 2

Call to schedule a customized date/time.

Reiki Master Class call to co-create a customized schedule. 20 class hours + 10 clinic hours

NV state ceu's available for massage therapists

SACRED OFFICE CLEARING First Monday of every month $60 small office.

Negative energy can slow business. Let a seasoned Reiki Master energetically clear your work space for increased productivity and better work environment. Call to make appointment.

Reiki Shares - tba - Las Vegas @ 215/Charleston; text for exact address 203-391-4060

Come see what this healing energy can do for you! Everyone welcome whether you're familiar with Reiki or not. Reiki therapists of all levels welcome to share the energy. Donations accepted not expected.

FREE HUGS EVENT - tba post Covid freakout ;)

Let's hug!!

If you know me, you know I’m a hugger. I’m moved to spread the love & educate people about appropriate touch and the medical benefits of a hug!

We will be on the strip again in front of the Bellagio giving out free hugs! Come get some love! We will meet on the sidewalk on the north end of the Bellagio Fountains

If you’d like to be a hugger please wear some shade of red/pink. I will have 2 A-frame signs and will provide FREE HUG stickers for us all to wear so people know who the huggers are.

Can't wait to meet up with all of you!!! Feel free to share the 'FREE HUGS" page and/or bring people to help give out hugs! Or stop by just to get a hug! ♥