J.Miller Recent Works & Adventures

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Current Art Exhibitions:

My artwork is shown exclusively at Earth Artisan & Outfitter located in The Carriage House at 37 West Chapel Ave in historic, downtown Carlisle, PA. EAO specializes Earth-based & nature-inspired fine art, photography, goods & gear to inspire the outdoor lifestyle at home, in the garden & on the trail. Come check it out!

Creative Achievement in The Arts Award Humanities Graduate Student, Penn State University

Previous Area Showings:
  • Mella Luna Studios, Mt. Holly Springs PA.
  • Appalachian Trail Conservancy's "3rd Thursday" Art in the Park & Family Hiking Day, Boiling Springs, PA
  • American Artisan Gallery, Carlisle, PA 
  • Bare Metal Gallery, Northumberland, PA
  • Fraiche, Camp Hill, PA
  • Piatto, Carlisle, PA
  • Gallery 30, Gettysburg, PA

Earth Adventures:

A visitor to our shop once said, "Oh, I do this, I take pictures during my vacations, no big deal."
Well, that's not quite what we do at Earth & that's not what my art is about. To clarify: Anytime you take the time to connect to the earth, you are really connecting to life & to yourself. I consider that a very big deal. I've spent a lifetime exploring and adventuring as well as honing my artistic skills and abilities. Composition, light, subject, timing, emotion, expression and the ability to transport your audience, your viewers to that specific place in time is a big deal. My adventures are planned with exploration of environment, culture, self and art in mind. Often times, I'm chasing the light. When I'm lucky, my family is able to share the adventure with me & we are able to create lifelong memories. I hope my fine art & photography inspire you to connect: get out & explore, take your camera, journal, paints and express yourself, with full heart, soul & imagination. Share and inspire others along your journey. That's what LIFE is all about. That's a very big deal.☮️

  • Winter 2019 Exploring the Southwest: Ancient art & culture, geology, geography, astronomy, exploring the earth & hiking the trails of Sedona & beyond: Verde Valley, Red Rock Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon, Wilson Canyon, Loy Canyon, Gold Canyon, Secret Mts & Superstition Mts, up down & all around Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock....
  • Spring & Summer 2018: Eastern Woodlands & Coastal Areas: Adirondacks, Appalachian Mts & AT, NY, PA, WV, VA, Blue Ridge Mts, NC all over Boone, Sugar Mt, Grandfather Mt, Beech Mt, SC, GA, FL to Amelia Island.
  • Summer 2017: Living life wild & free we had many road trips to upstate NY, Adirondacks, Blue Ridge Mountains, NC, FL, Amelia Island then flew out to Montana, Wyoming & YNP! Hiking, kayaking, white water rafting, howling with the wolves, making art & lasting memories with my family & friends in nature!
  • Spring 2017: MA in Humanities from Penn State University complete! Along the journey I also earned the Creative Achievement in The Arts Award. 
  • Winter 2017: Still on sabbatical & almost done my Masters! Graduation coming up Spring 2017! We sold our Earth cabin so we will be looking for the next great adventure.
  • Fall 2016: On sabbatical from my teaching job to finish my MA in Humanities at Penn State. This has entaled tons of research, writing, traveling, exploring and creating. My final Master's Thesis & Creative Production is Connections: Native American Art, Culture & The Environment. You can see it Sunday April 23, 2017 at The Millworks in Harrisburg, as part of a private event.
  • Summer 2016: Road trip! PA,MD,VA,TN,NC,SC,GA,FL. And then, MT! I'm the luckiest girl in the world this year! Awesome experiences, awesome new art to share--coming soon! Stay tuned!
  • Summer 2016: Earth Cabin complete! Love all 200 sq ft of it. Now, it's for sale. Anyone interested contact our realtor Pete Martino at NY Land Quest. We've had tons of fun on Salmon River, SR Reservoir, Moose River and throughout the Tug Hill Plateau & Adirondacks. Very interested in Native American tribal history and belief from the Oneida and Onondaga Nations. Want to learn more. Frustrated our education systems do not have more Native American studies. 
  • Spring 2016: Out & about in PA, WV and NY. New photo series, new pastel series and a lot of hard work on our Earth Cabin, started 9 years ago. 
  • Summer 2015: Montana Artist in Residence, Yellowstone National Park in June. This was followed by a July trip to South Bethany, DE for family fun. Then a fortunate return to Montana end of July-August, with side trip through Utah & Idaho accompanied by my husband, certified arborist, plant health care specialist & former MT fishing guide Kenny Miller. June trip was full of wildlife, landscape and art. July/August trip filled with spectacular landscapes, adventure, fishing and wildlife under a spectacular full moon. Our MT adventures were the first we have returned in 8 years and the first Kenny has been able to start hiking & fishing in the wild again since his accident in September 2013. While the arid climate significantly helped his post traumatic arthritic pain, the high elevation caused some painful swelling...soon eased by the cool waters of the Madison & Gibbon Rivers and Grayling Creek. This was a summer of healing for mind, body & spirit in the grandest and wildest of natural places. I am so blessed and thankful for these special opportunities and look forward to sharing my new photo and fine art series with you soon. Look for buffalo, foxes, elk, mountains, meadows and rivers! 
  • Fall & Winter 2014 adventures took me back to my favorite trails in Berkeley Springs WV and around State College, PA. Look for new photo series coming soon that feature the amazing autumn bounty & wonderful winter landscape.
  • Summer 2014 Delaware Beaches were a great place to enjoy the sun, surf and family. We stayed at an awesome beach house this year belonging to some of our very dear friends in Bethany Beach and were able to fish, crab, kayak, beach bum, make delicious home cooked meals and create some really cool works of art. I was also able to capture images of beautiful beach details & the wild ponies of Assateugue National Seashore, which are featured in one of my most recent production of photo series.
  • Fall 2013 We enjoyed staying at the Savage River Lodge in the fall & spring seasons in Frostburg, MD which provided the backdrop for many new pieces. I have also enjoyed traveling the local countryside and mountains over the winter. Even in the bleakest months, Mother Nature paints a beautiful canvas. I am thankful for the time and ability to capture the essence of her beauty in a  new series of woodland and agricultural photographs as well as two series of oil pastel landscapes, and several paintings on rough sawn lumber.
  • Over the Spring of 2013, I explored the wilds around Berkeley Springs, WV. I love climbing the mountains at Cacapon. Additionally I have spent a great deal of time working on new paintings: fish, landscapes, pen & ink feather studies and a series of watercolor note cards featuring symbolic bugs & insects. I maintain my love affair with my favorite old barn in Juniata County: the patina gets better every time I see it. I have tried to capture it's essence in several photographs, oil pastel studies and mixed media paintings.
  • Several summer vacations have started on Amelia Island, FL usually celebrating the solstice and our wedding anniversary. The sun & surf are awesome there! Our most recent trip trip inspired many new pieces including a new series of photographs "Summer Jars" and "Old Cars" as well as many unique architectural images documenting the unique history and heritage of the island.

  ....Where to next? No idea. Every moment in life, big or small-is a precious adventure. I plan to enjoy every moment and hopefully inspire others along the journey, as they have inspired me. I envision my son becoming a world explorer & famous National Geographic photographer someday & we'll meet him "on location" on the top of a mountain in an ancient village in Nepal. His current thoughts on  the future, "Mom, I'm going to be a surfer." Who knew land-locked PA could inspire such an ocean of dreams. The adventure is just beginning .....

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, look at my art and 
to consider yourself in the greater scheme of things.

 -Jessica Miller,  Artist & Art Educator

Nature Journaling: Art on the Trail


Created by Jessica Miller, Artist & Art Educator, Carlisle PA  earthartout@gmail.com

For the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Art in the Park Series August 2013,

Nature Journaling & The Art of Seeing hike & workshop in celebration of Family Hiking Day, August 2014.


The most important part of being an artist on the trail is keeping your eyes and ears open. Let your senses inform and inspire you. You can get started with the simplest materials: a notebook & your favorite pen or pencil. Stop, look, listen! In your notebook use words to describe your experience, try sketching what you see. In the fall try leaf or bark rubbing with crayons, charcoal or pastel chalk. While a panoramic view is magnificent, sometimes the best parts are the littlest. Look closely at bugs, acorns, pine cones, feathers & rocks. Refer to a trail guide of native species & have a treasure hunt: look up what you see & document the flora & fauna in your nature journal with notes and sketches. Include the date, time, location & weather conditions so you can compare & contrast changes on your next visit. If you wish to get more artistically advanced I recommend these additional supplies that can easily be carried in a backpack:


·         Small pad of watercolor paper. (Receptive to a variety of media including paint, pencil, ink)  OR a small sketchbook.

·         Black ink pen, thin point.

·         Pencil & small eraser. A small hand held pencil sharpener or pocket knife.

·         Small set of watercolor paints.

·         Small collection of paint brushes, at least 2 flat & 2 round.

·         Plastic cup. (water can be obtained at a stream or pond along the way).

·         A few paper towels.

·         Camera (or use the camera feature on your phone).


I also like to carry a small pad of pastel paper and a small box of oil pastels. Using a variety of pressures, linear techniques and layers of color you can achieve wonderful effects to capture the moment. Work back into the thick pastel with a stick or your fingernail to add texture or detail.


You can get more information and ideas to help you become an artist on the trail by visiting my face book page or stopping by EAO.



“The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.”-John Muir

 Please note all information contained herein is copyright and may not be altered, copied or used in any way without express written permission of the artist Jessica Miller.