Using the player:

This site includes a simple audio player which has been tested under Windows with Flash 10 using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. It's not supported for other browsers, though it may work with them.

Please note that the audio files for songs with lyrics are not full performances but just meant as demonstrations of the basic melody. Various instruments are used to simulate the vocal parts; it's hoped eventually to replace these with actual sung versions.

Alternatively, most of these sound files, sometimes with alternative arrangements, may be played on the Soundcloud, Musescore, or Composers Forum,web sites.

The player does not have a volume control, but volume usually can be controlled by a volume control on your system's speakers or earphone, or by your operating system's general volume control (on Windows systems look for the Volume Control icon usually on the task bar.)

It's normal for the player to take a few seconds to load, and on some systems it may be necessary to click on the right-pointing button more than once to begin the audio. The double vertical bar button will pause the audio, and the square button will end it.

Since the player works with Flash 10, if you have problems using it please check to be sure you have Flash 10 and that you do not have a flash-blocker enabled that blocks this site.

If the player suddenly stops in the middle of a piece, try re-loading the browser window or tab.

Memory limitations on your system may cause slowness or distortion in the audio, so it's recommended that before using the player you close all other applications and all other browser tabs or windows. Slowness or distortion may also occur if you play the audio while your computer is performing an automatic download/update. Also, you may experience problems with the player if the web page hasn't fully loaded. You can check this by looking at your browser's status line: it shouldn't still say anything like "Waiting for ..." or "Transfering from ..."

Occasionally the player will fail to load in Chrome, though it still works in Explorer and Firefox. This is a known problem which is being investigated. If the player doesn't load in one browser despite the above advice, please try another browser.

All this site's mp3 audio files are publicly available here (for music files on Windows of Air), here (for musi files on Kaleidoscope), and here (for voice audio files), so if you prefer, you may download them and play them on whatever media player you like (Windows Media Player is recommended). The files you want will have names of the form songname.mpg or (e.g. turning.mp3) or poemname.mpg (e.g. thecity.mpg).

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