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The terms of use of things from my web sites are basically 1) permission is hereby given for standard fair use of text materials with acknowledgement of Jon Corelis as author, or, in the case of translations, as translator, and 2) for music, contact me. For details, see below.

Copyright Notice:

The content of these web sites is Copyright 2020 by Jon Corelis.


The author hereby grants individuals permission to reproduce parts of the content of these web sites electronically or in print for noncommercial personal, scholarly, or educational fair use with appropriate acknowledgment of authorship. This permission is limited to making copies of sections of the work of reasonable scope for the uses specified; reproduction beyond this limit without the author’s permission is prohibited. Typically, this means that permission is granted to reproduce one or a few poems, or one or a few brief excerpts from longer works, but not beyond this.

Optional web site link:

In addition to required acknowledgement of Jon Corelis as author or translator, I request optionally if you are using the material on a web site that you please make the name Jon Corelis in your acknowledgment a link to my web site at:

No commercial use without explicit permission:

Reproduction of materials on the Jon Corelis web sites in whole or in part in printed or any other form which is offered for sale, or on web sites on which advertising appears or for access to which a fee is charged, is prohibited without the author’s permission.

Important special note on translations:

If you are considering using any of my translations, they may be used for non-commercial purposes in accordance with the guidelines above, but please note additionally that my translations are under copyright and therefore use requires that a proper attribution must be made both to the original poet (Tibullus, Propertius, Euripides, etc.) as author and to Jon Corelis as translator. The fact that I am translating a poem the original text of which is in the public domain does not mean that my translation is in the public domain: my translation is under copyright as an original work of my own. Any use, reproduction, or quotation of these translations with attribution only to the original poet and not also to Jon Corelis as translator is a violation of copyright.

Music permissions:

For music permissions, please see my Music Permissions page.

Queens of Pure Lust

Queens of Pure Lust: a modern English version of the classic Greek tragedy Hippolytos by Euripides, designed for performance, with musical choruses based on medieval secular song, is available in an Amazon Kindle edition e-book. For performance permissions, please use the contact link below.

Contact Jon Corelis

If you have any further questions about use of materials on my web sites, I may be contacted at my contact page, here. Or, if you are a member, you may contact me via the messaging systems of MuseScore or SoundCloud.

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