Music permissions

Music permissions:

Use of printed scores, mp3 recordings, or videos:

All vocal or instrumental musical scores and sound files on Jon Corelis's web sites or on SoundCloud, Musescore, YouTube, or other web sites, including those which are adaptations of traditional melodies in the public domain or are musical settings of poems in the public domain, are under copyright by Jon Corelis as original creative works and may not be used in any way without permission. An exception is the material in the Jon Corelis Celtic Melody Library, which may be used as described on that web site. For permission information on all other musical works, please contact me.

As a rule I'm willing to give permission for use of my works without payment, assuming (as is usually the case) that no significant money will result from their performance and recording. This can be clarified if necessary by discussion. I have a few simple requests about being notified of the use made of my compositions, which can also be discussed.

Performance permissions:

If you are interested in performing or recording any of my music, I will be glad to hear from you via my contact page, link below. You may also contact me by the messaging systems of SoundCloud or MuseScore, if you are a member of those sites. Please note that requests for music permissions must include at a minimum the requestor's full real name, city of work or residence, and a valid email address (I'll give my information when I reply.) This is important because giving permission has legal and sometimes financial implications, so I need to give permission to a named, identifiable individual, not just to a first name, organization name, or email address.


You may contact me through my contact page on this web site. You can also contact me via the messaging systems of SoundCloud, or MuseScore if you are a member of those sites.