Google Books Folk Bookshelves

Jon Corelis's Google Books Folk Bookshelves are publicly available lists of books, the full texts of which are available on Google Books, mostly in the form of downloadable pdf files, containing Greek, Irish, Scottish, Breton, Manx, and Cornish folk songs. All books listed on shelves other than the Greek one include both lyrics and at least some songs in musical notation. The Greek book shelf books are mostly texts only, including both folk lyrics and longer medieval Greek oral epic texts, though a few of them also include music. Please note that permissions restrictions may mean that the full texts of some books may not be available in some countries, though as of this writing they are all currently available in Google Books full text in the United States.

It's hoped that this site will be useful because such books are not easy to find using Google Books searching, and when they are found, it's difficult to know without examining them whether they contain music as well as lyrics. The notes on these bookshelves indicate at a glance whether music is included.

These shelves will continue to be revised in the future; some at this writing may still be empty, and others may include books that do not yet have notes. If you are interested in these shelves, please check them periodically for corrections and additions.

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