Jay Mehta
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
Sardar Patel University
About Me:
I am an assistant professor at the Department of Mathematics, Sardar Patel University.

For my university homepage (which I no longer have access to) click here

Link to my MathSciNet (MR Reviews) profile: click here
Area of Interests:  
Some of the areas in Mathematics in which I am interested are the following:
Multi zeta functions, analytic number theory, modular forms, Classical Cryptography, key exchange protocols, digital signatures, Elliptic curve cryptography.
Other Interests:
Outside of Mathematics, my interests are: Computers (general and programming, tex-ing), listening music, especially instrumentals and playing piano/keyboard. I learned playing keyboard by myself and a bit from youtube during my PhD and have absolutely no formal knowledge in playing piano. I play piano by ear. In my leisure, I play Hindi (bollywood) songs on keyboard and sometimes upload the videos of me playing on my youtube channel.

Visit my YouTube channel: mathemusics