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                            Information-Technology Intelligence

   AirNettm provides integrated I-T Intelligence Solutions, for:
               dynamic management and control of Data-Center operations, -and
               i Cloud Computing or Virtualization System facilities.
                      - These advanced I-T Intelligence and Networking Optimization
                capabilities can enable significant enhancements in:
                                                  System Performance
                                                 Operational  Efficiency
                                                Processing Throughput
                                              Data Access & Response
                                            Network Analytics/Security
                -for large-scale Information Systems and Cloud/Computing Centers.
                        - The representative I-T Intelligence methodologies available
                for management, configuration and optimal control of data-center,
                or cloud and virtual facilities, - include: 
Features:               I-T / NETWORKING INTELLIGENCE

                                         I-T Systems Configuration
                                             Operational / Processing Analysis
                                           Data Base & Transaction Algorithms
                                       Infrastructure and Utilization Evaluation 
                                             Cloud Computing/Network System Models
                                           I-T  Performance / Operations Ratings
                                       Dynamic Server Balancing and Scheduling
                                     Predictive Thruput & Virtual System Analytics
                                 Optimal I-T Functionality & Networking Structures
                              Infrastructure Security / Operational Efficiency Control
                    ASC SYSTEMS can now offer comprehensive I-T Intelligence
                    consulting and management services, with professional support
                    capabilities for the implementation of these dynamic technologies. 
                     Contact ASC directly for specific applications and technical data
                     or references on these I-T Intelligence systems, at:
                                                   ASC  SYSTEMS
                              I-T  CENTER   ENERGY  EFFICIENCY  / MANAGEMENT 
                 Contributing to the advancement of Information Systems Technology and I-T 
                Management, ASC SYSTEMS provides integrated Computing & Networking
                Intelligence capabilities for Enterprise Data-Centers and Operations facilities.
                - In addition, dedicated Energy Demand Response and Control Systems are now
                offered with special configurations, providing optimized operation and enhanced
                efficiency for specific Computing infrastructures and Networking capabilities, that
                                 COMPUTERS and                                        FACILITIES and
                                DATA  CENTERS:                                     ENVIRONMENT:
                              Cloud Intelligence                                      System Monitoring
                             Servers Scheduling                                   Temperature Control  
                             Peak Energy Savings                               Air Flows & Circulation             
                           Power/Demand Control                             Compressor Time Cycles 
                          Dynamic Load Balancing                          Peripheral Temp Balancing
                         Real-Time  Power Capping                        Boiler & Pump Interval Rates
                        PCs Utilization Sequestering                     Appliances Load Deactivation 
                        Server Capacity Optimizing                        Chiller/H2O Temperature Limit
                        Standby & Low-Power Modes                       Refrigeration Ranges and Timing
                     Server Cycle / Activity Controls                    Ancillary Fan/VFD Motor Cycling 
                     Dynamic Energy / Grid Analyses                 Smart  Energy Control Algorithms
                    Vectored/Optimal Server Cooling                Dynamic: - Load Demand Response 
                  SMART E-Grid / Interactive Networking options are also provided for Remote /
                  Wireless / DYNAMIC DEMAND Response, Management and Control, - offering 
                  automated On-Line Energy Rate compensation, plus I-T Systems compatibity
                  for: Internet and Cloud Computing interoperability.
                  These Energy Demand Response Controllers are available with integral, remote
                  and mobile High-Resolution GUI Touch-Displays, - for interactive Graphics and 
                  Visualization of the Data Center system's dynamic performance and real-time
                  efficiency / processing parameters.
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