- CYBERitm   Security-

   . Network  Security / Intelligence . .                                   

                            INTERACTIVE  CYBER  NETWORK  SECURITY
                                            CREATE  OPTIMAL
       Global NETWORK and SECURITY Solutions
          - CYBFRitm  SECURITY / INTELLIGE -                 
- For:  Intelligent Cloud Networking  Security & Surveillance.
- Enjoy the real benefits of Interoperable Cyber Networking  Security & Surveillance, with the advanced:
CYBERitm Security / Monitoring  Solutions
  - for optimal International Communications Services, as now available thru these:
  CYBERitm  NETWORK SECURITY technology / analytic services;
              - with historically proven Turing Intelligence capabilities for:
                            I.  CYBER Communications Security  
                          II.  Networking Analytics / Intelligence
- so customer expectations for Secure, Reliable, Efficient and Hi-Speed Networking operations
 can be truly assured.    These Network Security & Consulting Solutions  can encompass
unique customized Global Communications features, for:
             INTELLIGENCE          Cy ANALYTICS        MONITORING
              i/ALGORITHMS          ENCRYPTION          IT ASSURANCE  
                Integrated  Global  Security  Facilitation
  Correspondjngly,  CYBERitm  provides integral security solutions,  with      
hi-reliability facilities for global networks and cloud computing, - including:
                FIREWALLS      ROUTERS         GATEWAYS       
                SWITCHES          BRIDGES        CYBERWARE 
                     CYBER / STEALTH  SECURITY

-These Global Intelligence Development & Consulting capabilities
incorporate adaptive Internet Security Technology Solutions, for: 
     Networking Operations        Communication Tracking           Encryption Integration
      Traffic Specifications            Intelligence / Reliability           Processing Management     
 - to insure realizing Optimal  trade network performance and deliverability.
         Aerospace        Military          Financial         eCommerce   
         Transport         Medical        Production       Cloud & Video
PRICES- CYBERitm  ConsultingTechnology Services are
                      offered on a contractural basis, or at hourly rates                          
from:   $70./ hr.,      (Subject to Options/Specs)
       - Prices are net of applicable State Sales Tax and any shipping fees.
      - Additional specs for these Consulting Services can be obtained
       thru,   iNETSatusad0tc0m      - Any requests for refunds must be
      pre-approved by the seller, prior to issuance and are
       subject to fees for shipping or inspection.
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