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                                          Virtual  Networking                       
                        Cell/4G, WiFi WiMax

s            Mobile /  Network  Connectivity:

   --  AIR-Nettm  Wireless LAN / VPN Mobility-Accesstm Networking  Systems offer truly economical high-speed Broadband Internet Access,
for MOBILE and REMOTE computing facilities, including Cellular, Point 
to Multi-Point WiFi or WiMax Networks- without duplicate  costs for Telecom and Local wiring or Ethernet cable interconnections.
      The connectivity and economic advantages offered by these Mobility-Accesstm solutions are directly applicable to commercial, industrial and
government networking operations, including: 
    Enterprise          Manufacturing           Health-Care           Vehicles
   Instutional          Transportation          Entertainment         Military
     These advanced Wireless Network Access Systems can provide universal  Multi-Channel WEB, LAN/WAN & Cable Network interoperability and Signal Amplification, offering Extended-Range Computing, TV / Video, Telecom 
and Mobile Terminal  utilization.

                                  - Mobility Accesstm System
 -               -  Mobility-Accesstm  Advantages:
                    -  Wide-Area Net Connectivity  
                              -  Improve Mobile Productivity
                              -  Optimal Data/Signal integrity
                              -  Smart/Amplified R.F. Transfer
                              -  Integrated Broad-Band  / UHF
                              -  Intelligent Multi-Channel Media
                              -  Encrypted  Wi  Router / Bridge
                              -  Increased Network Efficiencies
                              -  Reliable/Secure Communications
                              -  Economical Uni-Cable Installations 
                              -  Seamless Multiple-Net Architecture

    Significant network enhancing capabilities enabled by the Mobility-Accesstm technologies, can facilitate implementation of Wide-Range Wireless Networking for:
    -  Multi-Channel Operation                -  Broad-Band Coverage 
            Optim-Signal Enhancement                    Cell V/D & Net Services
            Auto R.F.Amplify / Security                    Freq: 400 Mhz to 6 Ghz 
           Data Interference Attenuation                4G,GSM,PCS,LTE,DCS,Etc.
      -  Miniature Net Transceivers          -  Multiple Service Networks
            Hi-Pwr. Remote A-Modules                  Active N-Monitoring/Control
            WiFi/Max  uWave Antennas                 Uni-Cabling Infrastructures 
           The Communications enhancing features of these Wireless/Network systems are applicable to single-cable, multi-operator net architectures for integral Cellular WiFi/WiMax or TV/Video  services,  - with the following functions and options:
                BroadBand Spread-Spectrum SNMP Wireless Nets
              -   Intelligent Multi-Channel Net-Signal Enhancement 
              -  Economical  Cableless  Local-Net  Interconnections
                     -   Wireless WEB Networking: - WiMax, Wi-Fi,  & Bluetooth
              -  MOBILE Communications and Encrypted WEB Security
                     -   Mobile/Wireless ACCESS PORTALS & LAN/VPN Gateways
              -   STATION Adapters for Clusters of up to 2000  Remote PCs
              -   Data Rates to 100 Mbps; Range to over 20 Mi., or 1 Mi. Indoor
                     -   AIR-NETtm Wireless Mobility-Accesstm  Infrastructure facilities:   
               -  Mobility-Accesstm  Systems  -      Unit Pricing:
                                                                                                  from $155. & up. 
Comprehensive AIR-Nettm Mobility-Accesstm  networking specifications, plus professional Network Engineering, Consulting Services and Wireless Communications Solutions, are now available directly from:

                                        - Phone:    313 / 882-1133 

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