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The Ongoing Argument
Is an unfrosted cupake still a cupcake or is it a muffin? (muffin)
Welcome to itsamuffin! This website is meant to both prove that a cupcake without icing is a muffin, because its true and everyone knows it deep down inside. For those of you who didn't already know, this has become a pretty intense argument worldwide. Throughout the site you will find all sorts of proof that we are right and they are wrong. If you disagree with this, then either leave or change your mind by reading all our proof.

This site is meant to help the belivers find proof supporting their correct theories on the state of being a muffin and being a cupcake. Enjoy!

Also, be free to contact us with more proof! we need help for the argument
also, if you dont care about this even slightly, then i won't make this site a total waste of time. go to the i dont give a crap page for all sorts of non-muffin reltaed things. just anything i think is important that nobody knows about. check it. ITSAMUFFIN. just saying. even though you dont care. unless you were curious as to what this said and are on my side, then never mind.
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