ACL on Linux -- chacl examples
ACL on Linux -- getfacl examples
ACL on Linux -- POSIX Access control list on linux
ACL on Linux -- setfacl examples
CentOS/RHEL/SL Configure a NTP Client And Server
Compression tools on linux -- gzip vs bzip2 vs lzma vs compress
Config Solaris pfexec as sudo on Linux
configure a network aggregation under Solaris 10
cut command ueful examples
dar(disk archiver)-- usage examples on Linux
dmidecode: examples to get hardware infomation
expect command examples in linux
File different tools on linux, diff and others in diffutils and diffstat
find command useful examples
Get inode number of a file on linux
grep using examples
How to change files in linux maintenance mode
How to create a certain size zipped file
how to know a file or a process buffered in OS cache
How to manage snmptrapd mails
How to syslog your program output
IPMITOOL useful examples
iptables count rule setup
Linux archiving and compression tools
Linux netinstall
Linux stat command examples
lrzip -- a compression tool optimised for large files
lscpu list CPU Architecture Information
lspci useful examples
max processes change in RHEL6/SL6
md5sum useful examples
memory test tools on Centos/RHEL and other linux
mount or umount a group filesystem in a SAN environment
parallel compression utilities on linux -- lbzip2, pbzip2 and pigz
Preventing user interaction when installing and upgrading Solaris 10 packages
pstree - display a tree of processes
Quick ways to test remote machine port availability
rsync examples
rsync server setup on RHEL
rsync server with ssh
scsi_id examples in RHEL6
Setup FreeNX on your Linux Desktop(Centos)
Solaris package management
split and reassemble files on linux
tar command examples
tcpdump examples
TCP performance tuning - 10G NIC with high RTT in linux
udevadm - useage examples
xinetd and TCP wrapper
ZFS monitoring script
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