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How to manage snmptrapd mails

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Have you tried to enable snmptt mail function? if yes, probably quite often you have to fight with number of trap e-mails from your devices. The reason is that some devices can generate a lot trap messages in a short time, your mail box can easily get 'SPAMED' by these trap messages, especially you are managing a large number of devices.
You can find some commercial tools to manage them, I have my own way to manage snmptrapd mails.

snmptthelper is a perl script I wrote helps you to group catagory snmp trap messages, group them by devices in one e-mail. The basic ideas is to have snmptrapd mail disabled, enable snmpd db function, which all traps go into db(MySQL for this case), the script runs at a given time to group trap messages received from last run, and send it in one e-mail.

In readme:

  - If you suffering number of SNMP trap e-mails from your devices
    particularly in a large data center, and you don't want miss any trap message,
    here is the script you are looking for.

  - It's not intended to change your snmptt functionality, only requires a little
    bit table schema change for DB performance purpose.

The whole package is attached in this page, README is enough to get the script to run for you.


There are lots of sites discussing how to config snmptt(SNMP Trap Translator) and how to enable snmptt db function, I found this link is quite useful

Xinli Liu,
Jul 30, 2013, 3:29 PM