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It's a utility to tell you how much a file cached in the kernel's buffer. It was a C code, but implemented in perl INLINE module.
I improved it a bit more, now it's able to tell you that how much data buffered in cache by a or more processes. More easier to check memory taken by processes which open uncertain to know a file or a process buffered in OS cache

Have you tried to enable snmptt mail function? if yes, probably quite often you have to fight with number of trap e-mails from your devices. The reason is that some devices can generate a lot trap messages in a short time, your mail box can easily get 'SPAMED' by these trap messages, especially you are managing a large number of devices.
You can find some commercial tools to manage them, I have my own way to manage snmptrapd mails.How to manage snmptrapd mails
Just finished TCP tuning for SL6, kernel 2.6.32-358.14.1.el6.x86_64, so share the experience here.

In the past, I played with several types of 10G NIC, all on SL5, only some of them survived from my test, they fail at either at poor performance, or data corruption during multiple streams transfers. To be noted my test is multiple streams test for storage nodes, receive and deliver data in a large range of RTT(0.1 to 300ms), clients mixed with 1G and 10G NIC.TCP performance tuning - 10G NIC with high RTT in linux
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